Mornington Peninsula Shire Council management presented to unions at a recent meeting their wish list of claims for negotiating the replacement Enterprise Agreement.

This list is confronting. It goes to show how little respect management has for its employees.

However, these claims are what wants management want and need to impose on you, but employees always get the final say.

An Enterprise Agreement that reduces your entitlements (including redundancy entitlements) will only occur if a majority of employees vote to accept the reductions.

Why is management trying this?
When we see a list of claims like MPSC management have tabled, we know there are big plans ahead and not plans that usually end well for workers like yourselves.

Management realises the majority of MPSC employees don’t belong to a union. Due to this, they think you don’t really care much about your employment conditions and you will just accept whatever they propose.

Management thinks you won’t stand up to them on this. The best way to push back against this intimidation is to encourage your colleagues to join the ASU.

All employee’s collectively sticking together is the way to beat this.

Management has stripped out your entitlements and conditions over the last two EA’s using strategic, divisive tactics, and it worked. We must all work together this time around to ensure no further losses of hard-earned conditions and entitlements.

The ASU is in the process of collating the Claims to present to management on your behalf. Once it is ready it will be sent to members for endorsement before presenting to management.

Again, MPSC management thinks you are timid and compliant. Show them how wrong they are and encourage your colleagues to join the ASU.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer |

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