As you know, ASU members at MOSS met on May 11 to create a list of questions and requests to put to your CEO about the direction to take Long Service Leave that many of you have received.  

We provided these questions to Mark the following day.   

He responded on the same day, stating that most of the matters raised by you had been discussed with managers, who would share the info with you all. We replied to Mark the same day, asking for written responses, to ensure that everyone gets exactly the same info, from a single source.  

We got no reply.  

One week later we followed up again. Still no reply.  

At this point, it has been three weeks since we first put the list of questions to the CEO, and three weeks of no answers. This is extremely unusual in the Community Services Sector. Other employers simply answer the questions and put the matter to bed, particularly when the questions and requests are so reasonable and simple.  

We’ve reached out to Mark again recently and are very much hoping to get a response to the questions you’ve asked, so that we can share it with you – or Mark might choose to write to all staff to answer those questions. Who knows? In the absence of communication, we’re left guessing!  

If you have concerns about the direction to take Long Service Leave, reach out to your ASU Delegates or ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |  

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