The ASU is contacting you to ensure that you have had an opportunity to hear information on the proposal of MPSC to tender all new clients.

Most importantly we need to hear from you.

We know that Council has not informed staff that there is no plan for staff to transfer to the new employer under the tender they are preparing. What does this mean for you and your job?

The ASU has held meetings on the 19 and 21 of May. We will be holding further meetings on the 25 of May. Please use the link for the meetings below and join us from wherever you are.

DATE: Monday 25 May
TIME: 1.30pm
MEETING ID: 832 0360 6178
ONE TAP MOBILE: +61731853730,,83203606178# Australia | +61861193900,,83203606178# Australia

DATE: Monday 25 May
TIME: 2.30pm
MEETING ID: 886 6502 5677
ONE TAP MOBILE: +61861193900,,88665025677# Australia | +61871501149,,88665025677# Australia

DATE: Monday 25 May
TIME: 3.30pm
MEETING ID: 881 4398 8203
ONE TAP MOBILE: +61731853730,,88143988203# Australia | +61861193900,,88143988203# Australia

A final meeting will be held on Tuesday 2 June. This may be our last opportunity to provide input into Councils proposal. Everyone is welcome.

DATE: Tuesday 2 June
TIME: 4pm
MEETING ID: 861 0377 7787
PASSWORD: 022191

If you would like support to join this meeting or if you have any queries relating to this issue, please contact ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer via the details below.

Know someone who is not a member? Pass this meeting notice onto them and ask them to join online today via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer | 0427 610 148 |
ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake |

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