Your ASU delegates and organisers have been meeting with Council weekly to progress the negotiations.

Improvements we have secured so far:

  • 5 days bereavement leave
  • Casual conversion from any point from 6 months of regular and systematic employment
  • Limiting the use of fixed-term contracts
  • Improvements regarding consultation

There are still a number of claims which Council are considering and a number of claims which are still yet to be discussed- specifically those associated with wages and allowances.  Download a copy of the ASU log here.

Stay tuned for future updates regarding how we are progressing on those items.

Council had also put forward a log of claims, which in some instances sought to reduce current entitlements.  You can download a copy of the log here.  Through the negotiations we have managed to get council to backdown on;

  • Reducing your redundancy provision from a maximum of 48 weeks to 26 weeks
  • Reducing sick leave provisions for aged and disability services employee.

We imagine there will only be a few more meetings taking place prior to Christmas however will kick off again early in the new year. In 2021 hopefully we can organise some on site meetings to go through any updates and an opportunity for you to meet your organiser!  Until then we wish you a happy and safe holiday period!

If you have any questions regarding the negotiations please contact one of your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio |


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