The EBA negotiations have recommenced following the Christmas, new year period.

We are still awaiting several responses from council regarding outstanding ASU claims. Council has committed to finalising their position on our log items for our next scheduled meeting on Tuesday 2 February.

At this point, we will provide members with a full list of what has been agreed to and what hasn’t.

Some initial improvements are;

  • Higher accrual rate of Time in Lieu
  • Access to sick leave payout following 5 years of service
  • Improvements to parental leave provisions
  • Casual conversion improvements
  • Ability to cash out of annual leave
  • Improvements to compassionate leave

We have been successful in stopping councils attempts to reduce redundancy provisions and sick leave provisions for Aged and disability employees.

There are still some clauses which will provide further details on post 3 February.

The all-important wages offer from council was advised;

  • 0% in YR one;
  • 5% or 75% of the rate cap whichever is higher in subsequent years
  • Four-year Agreement

We advised Council that the above offer would not be acceptable for our members.  It does not reward nor recognise the hard work that members have put in, in an increasingly difficult time.

We put forward a counterclaim of 3% on a three-year agreement (backdated to July 2020) however willing to entertain in years 2 and 3 separating the increases into 2 six monthly payments.

We will await Councils response and counter offer.

Depending on what this looks like we will then need to assess our next steps.

The ASU would like to take the time to thank the delegates for their continued advocacy on behalf of members at Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

For further information please contact: your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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