The Department of Health has advised that all aged care workers within Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire delivering personal care are required to wear masks.

Wearing masks has been established as reducing cross-infection and the Department of Health now advises all workers who work in residential aged care or provide in-home care support in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire to wear surgical masks when providing close personal or clinical care.

Aged Care Providers must provide the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for their staff.

If you have any difficulties in accessing masks for your next personal care appointments, please speak to your Delegate or Health and Safety Representative to take the matter up in your workplace.

With Moreland Council employees receiving a pay increase as we tick over another financial year, now is a timely reminder that the commencement of Enterprise Agreement negotiations is not far away. Start thinking now about what you want to see implemented in your new agreement. Log of Claims meetings are usually held 5 to 6 months prior the expiry of the agreement.

If you are working with or near any working for Victoria employees, remind them to join the union as they are getting paid off your EBA rates!


Name: Gary Ford
Position: Home Maintenance
Located: Walter St Depot
Years as a member: 15
Years as a delegate: 7
Favourite ASU memory: “Loved participating in delegates training hosted by Zandra, it was a great group of people and a great memory I won’t forget”

Think the ASU needs to know some information? Speak to one of your workplace delegates today!

Teishan Ahearne, Gary Ford, Elain Della Rocca, Brian Arrowsmith, Maria Caggegi, Rosalba Demartis, Sofia Duarte, Gayle Faulkner, Con Harboglou, Anna Hosseini, Milad Malkoun, Richard Poa, Recep Tasgin, Lois Papatriandaffillou

In what year did the ‘WorkChoices’ rally take place?

The answer will be provided in the August edition.

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