ASU consistently turning up to support members
Only a licensed plumber can hook up a gas stove and only a registered union like the ASU has legal rights to enter a workplace.

Over the past month ASU Organiser Dave Beckley and ASU Branch Executive President Billy King have been attending the depot to talk about stage 4 restrictions, a super important thing for every worker in Melbourne right now.

If Dave or Billy had been employed by any other kind of association that is not a registered organisation they would still be standing at the gate.

Only the ASU has the legal right to be by your side in your workplace when things get serious!

Get to know your Delegates:
Position: Library Officer
Located: Glenroy/Faulkner
Years as a member: 20
Years as a delegate: 19
Favourite ASU memory: “Looking at all the great results we have achieved through the process of enterprise bargaining”.

Think the ASU needs to know some information? Speak to one of your workplace delegates today!
Teishan Ahearne, Gary Ford, Elain Della Rocca, Brian Arrowsmith, Maria Caggegi, Rosalba Demartis, Sofia Duarte, Gayle Faulkner, Con Harboglou, Anna Hosseini, Milad Malkoun, Richard Poa, Recep Tasgin, Lois Papatriandaffillou

With lockdowns moving to stage 4 in Metro Melbourne, the ASU has been distributing the most up to date information for members across the state.

With 2020 providing some of the most difficult challenges we have faced and will continue to face, now has never been a more important time to be a member of the ASU.

Talk to non-members about joining the ASU today.

The ASU recruitment competition is underway until September, $500 is up for grabs for the member who recruits the most new people.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Brendan Parkinson |

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