Starting Thursday, staff at Moreland Council can vote on a new EBA to cover your wages and conditions.

When ASU members from across Moreland met to review this offer, over 85% voted YES. ANMF members also voted unanimously to support it.

What happens if I vote yes?
If staff vote up the offer, the EBA goes to the Fair Work Commission for certification then comes into effect.

Moreland agreed to pay the first increases as soon as it’s voted up, which includes:

  • 2.6% or $42 per week immediately (equivalent to 3.16% for Band 4A)
  • Backpay to July 2021 of around $2,100+ (based on $42pw)
  • An additional 2.1% from this July

Once certified, the new EBA also includes:

What happens if I vote no?
Bargaining resumes and the current offer will no longer be ‘on the table’. Industrial action recommences and we settle in for a very long fight.

Your ASU reps considered all options at length and if we believed this response was worthwhile, we would not hesitate to recommend it. We don’t.

There are some suggesting voting no, but we are not aware of any strategy around how they plan to achieve their claims. In contrast, the ASU achieved significant results in every key claim we sought and negotiated a pay increase that supports ALL lower paid workers at Moreland Council, not just some.

The ASU fights for ALL Moreland Council workers. Invite a coworker to join today at

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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