Management has indicated they are putting the new EBA to vote and will be commencing the access period on Tuesday 24 May.

This is a snapshot of what was achieved through these negotiations:

Improvement Who by
$5pw personal phone allowance ASU
$20pw working from home allowance ASU
8am-8:30am Mon-Fi & 8am-12noon Sat library span of hours ASU
20min p/w payment for library customer service staff ASU
Improved overtime spans ANMF
‘Safety Clause’ for allowances ASU/ANMF
Better overtime provisions for part-timers ASU/ANMF
Improved casual conversion ASU/ANMF/MUWU
3-hour minimum shift engagement ASU
Improvement bereavement leave ASU
+2 weeks primary & secondary paid parental leave ASU/ANMF
Paid parental leave improvements ANMF
Cultural and ceremonial leave ASU/ANMF
Gender affirmation leave ASU/ANMF
10days paid pandemic leave ASU/ANMF/(MUWU)
Paid time for Delegates & HSRs attending meetings out of hours ANMF
First Peoples’ Working Group ASU
Right to refuse shifts without taking Annual Leave for home carers ASU
Improved travel allowance for home carers ASU
Key improvements (breaks/allowances/processes) for MCH Nurses ANMF

These are in addition to pay increases that set a new benchmark in Victorian councils, far exceeding what has been offered in other municipalities:
2021: 2.6% or $42pw (backpaid)
2022: 2.1%
2023 & 2024: 2% or rate cap

This was achieved by ASU members working together across Moreland. Our bans were what put pressure on the CEO to do better. That’s why over 85% of ASU members and unanimous ANMF members supported the offer at union meetings.

ASU and ANMF reps have also worked tirelessly over the past week to review and scrutinise all new clauses to ensure they’re constructed properly.

Now you get to vote on whether to accept the offer.

Union members achieved this by sticking together. Ask a colleague to join today at:

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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