After more than 85% of ASU members endorsed the current offer on the recommendation of the ASU Delegates’ group, the union supports the offer currently being voted on at Moreland and encourages everyone to VOTE YES.

For more information on why we feel this offer sets a new benchmark for Victorian Local Government agreements, see our previous newsletter here.

If you still have questions, ASU Delegates along with Lead Organiser Luke Cherry will be available to discuss the EBA between 4pm-6pm today via MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting.

We are aware that anonymous texts have been sent out to some ASU members saying vote no. These are NOT from the ASU and do not reflect the views of our bargaining representatives or members.

To avoid confusion, here’s a simple guide for how to identify an ASU message:

  1. The ASU has conviction and stands openly by our positions; we will never send anonymous messages. If it’s an official ASU communication, it will say so, or link to a document that does
  2. ASU officials have integrity and don’t hide who they are when they talk to you. Official ASU communication has the name of the ASU Officer who wrote/authorised it in the message or an attached document
  3. When we take a position, we stick to it. If you get two conflicting messages, use steps 1 and 2 above to establish which the official ASU position is
  4. We spell-check our messages

If you know someone who still isn’t sure how to vote, invite them to the meeting today and ask them to join online at

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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