ASU Officials, Delegates and Members attended the Council meeting on Wednesday night due to a report recommending market testing of in-house Waste Services. The ASU have been in discussions with Council about this for around 18 months. We have repeatedly raised that the data Council is relying on is inaccurate and incomplete. The Union also only received a Consultant’s report (that was produced 6 months ago) the night before the Council meeting.

Whilst we were able to ask questions in official Question Time the matter itself was discussed “in-camera” which means that the ASU, employees and the public were excluded from the discussions and the decision was made in secret.

The ASU wrote to all Councillors about the issues above and requested that a decision be deferred, until we had time to consider and respond to the report that we had just received. Despite this Councillors voted to market test the service, which is the first step towards contracting it out to a private company.

Management met with ASU and affected members on Thursday and confirmed an earlier commitment to the ASU that employees will be resourced to put in an in-house bid to keep their jobs with Council.

We will continue to fight to keep this service and jobs in-house. We ask that all ASU members support our members in Waste Services. We will inform you as this issue progresses.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Beckley | 0428 462 285 |

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