Last week ASU delegates Ellen and Maria organised several meetings with Library staff and ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio.  These meetings gave members an opportunity to raise concerns within their workgroup.  The concerns were consistent across branches; the main issues discussed were;

  1. Backfilling of vacancies; Council has not been backfilling all vacant positions, from both long service leave, long term sick leave or vacancies as a result of staff resigning. This causes additional stress on remaining staff.  We are committed to raising this issue with the employer as there are a high amount of vacancies currently.  There are provisions within the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) and Policy which address filling of vacancies.
  2. Closing Procedure: Members raised concerns regarding the continuous unpaid work they undertaking at the end of the day when closing the library. There are strict requirements on members to follow due process when closing the library, such things include only counting the till, shutting down computers and putting the close sign up when there are no members of the public inside.  As the branch is required to remain open up until the closing time members are regularly working anywhere of up to 15 minutes post shift finish time in order to complete the required tasks, all of which is unpaid.


What can be done? We are urging staff to fill in their sign in/sign out sheet with the exact time they finish.  For example if the library closes at 8pm and you are rostered till 8pm but you complete all your duties by 8.10pm, then write 8.10pm on the sign out sheet.  The ASU will write to your employer advising that staff are entitled to payment for this time and will direct the employer to refer to the sign in/out sheet as evidence.  It is also recommended that you keep your own record of this also. If we can clearly show that on a regular and systematic basis members require the additional time post-closing the library, we are more likely get this time factored into your shift time and therefore paid!

Other matters raised included;

  • Applying for Annual leave, current policy stipulates staff must apply for leave at least 3 weeks prior to leave dates.
  • Process of allocating leave over peak periods and
  • TIL; Members spoke to the possibility of banking TIL and taking it as a full day as opposed to the current process of taking hours here and there.


The importance of having all branches represented was also discussed, we currently have two delegates however there are 5 branches within the municipality as such more delegates are needed! Ellen and Maria are doing a fantastic job, but it is important that we share the load.  If you are interested in stepping up and becoming more active please contact your delegates Ellen and Maria or ASU organiser Lorraine 0400-986-745 or via email

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