After intense lobbying by the ASU, Moreland City Council decided last week not to tender out waste services.

This was a big win for workers.

The ASU was determined that members of the waste team service the southern part of the city would continue to have jobs at Moreland.

The union’s top elected officials were working for members at Moreland. While Branch Executive President Billy King and ASU Organiser David Beckley were supporting members who were putting together an in-house bid, Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin was lobbying councillors to not tender out the service.

Only the ASU has the strength, diversity of skills and know-how to support members in this way.

Keeping these jobs as permanent council positions is important and when the opportunity comes up we’ll be lobbying to get the outsourced jobs in the northern part of Moreland brought back in-house as we are doing with every council that has outsourced services.

Congratulations to all the members of the waste team who kept providing essential waste collection services to the community during this time of uncertainty.

Finally, we want to thank the councillors who took on board our concerns with further outsourcing and decided to keep waste jobs in-house.

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