Uber – Deliveroo – AirTasker – AirBNB – Moreland Council ? …

Good secure jobs in Australia are diminishing, jobs that were once full-time are often now filled by contractors or casual workers.

Jobs that provided good conditions of work, high standards of health and safety are being farmed out to contractors who don’t care about workers’ conditions or their health and safety, let alone a living wage.

We don’t really want Moreland to be amongst the list at the top of this page!

We want to continue to see well paid jobs with good working conditions at Moreland!

The Moreland waste contract is up for consideration right now and we’re calling on our members to let Council know what we think about keeping secure, ongoing, permanent council jobs.

Will you join us?

This Wednesday night Moreland councillors will make a decision whether to sell local waste jobs to the lowest bidder, we want them to know staff at Moreland don’t want Council services privatised.

Council meets from 7.00pm, we are asking our members to join us from 6.30pm outside Council Chambers in Coburg.

We’ll see you there!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Beckley | 0428 462 285 | dbeckley@asuvictas.com.au

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