The ASU is aware that all members have been provided with the minutes following the meeting with Management, Human Resources and your delegates to address the outstanding matter pertaining to the surveillance devices.

You can download a copy here for ease of reference.

If you have any concerns regarding how the matters have been addressed then please advise accordingly via your ASU delegates or Organiser. If at any point members feel their safety is in jeopardy please contact the union at any time.

The ASU office does have concerns with several of the outcome as listed below however if members deem the responses and actions implemented are sufficient then the matter will now be considered closed.

These items are:

  • Information not to be used for disciplinary purposes- There appear to be no parametrise around this other than stating “footage will be used if an officer does something wrong. Just as all policies, procedures, Code of Conduct etc need to be complied with, so too does this.” There is also no reference regarding when and how it can be accessed for disciplinary purposes within the policy and procedure. We note that there is extensive commentary however regarding access the information for training purposes.
  • Requirement to wear vest to and from toilet breaks- It may not be possible in all instances to safely and hygienically leave vest within the public toilet as stipulated within minutes and policy and procedure.
  • Signage on the back of the vests- The issue regarding this was that it makes officers easier to identify, although there has been a commitment to change what is written on the back we are unsure if this actually addresses the issue of identification.


For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745 |

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