ASU members have raised several work related issues, which ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio has raised with Human Resources behalf of members;

  1. Use of fixed term contracts– the employer has indicated that this is just a recent practice due to the funding uncertainties. Members affected have been able to demonstrate that they have in fact been on contracts for prolonged periods of time and the ASU will now assist members to address these.
  2. Travel time between shifts not being rostered– your employer has indicated that it is common practice that they roster 10 minutes between jobs for travel time. Members are encouraged to review their rosters and raise concerns if this has not occurred.
  3. Staff rostered on to 30 minute shifts for the day– your employer has indicated that this may occur from time to time however mainly in instances where members are unable to undertake all service delivery types. Again they have directed staff to raise this with rostering when you collect your roster.  As some members have indicated that it isn’t worthwhile with the increasing petrol prices and time to come out for a 30 minute job, the ASU proposes the shift get reallocated to someone else without loss financially to the employee.
  4. Job cancellations and changes– members are concerned about the new practice of all job changes being communicated via a text message (with insufficient details of work) even it is within a short period of time. Your employer has indicated that it is the responsibility of the employee to check their phone.  The ASU will be putting forward that if there is a change to occur within a 2 hour window then there is a minimum of a call as opposed to a text.

IMPORTANT Funding update
The ASU has been made aware that at a recent meeting it was discussed that the funding linked to home and community care is still yet to be confirmed. The ASU would like to stress that although Councils may not have received their individual contractual arrangements as yet (this will come) the Commonwealth has confirmed the extension.  Take the link to read

The ASU works to help you and your co-workers deal with issues as they arise at your workplace – either individually or as a group – and campaign to improve the conditions for workers.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0400 986 745

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