ASU members across Moreland City Council have been implementing work bans for the last couple of weeks, and they’ve had a big impact. We’ve seen outpourings of support from the community on social media, feedback forms, and emails to the CEO and Mayor. Well done.

We have had some movement in management’s position which will be discussed at paid ASU member meetings.

DATE: Tuesday 3 May
TIME: 7.30am
VENUE: Walter Street Depot

DATE: Tuesday 3 May
TIME: 12.30pm
MEETING LINK: Click here to join the meeting

DATE: Tuesday 3 May
TIME: 6.30pm
MEETING LINK: Click here to join the meeting

Library members are meeting Monday and have details already.

Unfortunately, while CEO Cathy Henderson seems happy to hire expensive contractors to break the bans, she’s unwilling to send an email to your union to genuinely try and resolve the dispute.

Turns out money isn’t an issue at Moreland.

We have therefore called a stop work for Wednesday 4 May.

Because this has a financial cost to members, we need to use your valuable time productively. During the strike members will hand out flyers and talk to the public while demonstrating to show we won’t allow hard-working staff who provided critical council services during the pandemic to be taken for granted.

You can find a running sheet of events planned for the day here.

We know some members can’t wait to take this action, others might feel a bit nervous, but everyone needs to stand together and show your employer that 1.5-2% is not enough and that important matters we raised deserve their attention not be dismissed.

ASU members are protected in taking this action, we can’t guarantee that if you’re not an ASU member, so ask your colleagues to join today at:

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Luke Cherry |

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