Workplace delegates are the backbone of the ASU. They represent and support members of our union every day.

And at Hobsons Bay libraries, newly elected delegates Julie Richards, Alice McInnes & Soula Sapounakis are representing members in a long-running consultative process about proposed changes to the libraries.

They are passionate about keeping Libraries open, especially in the evenings and weekends.

Their enthusiasm is inspiring, and they are already trying to build our union in their workplace by encouraging two more members to become delegates.

This photo was taken recently in a meeting with ASU Library Campaign Organiser Will. He is inducting them into the ASU Library Network. These new delegates will be in a network with experienced Library delegates across all of Victoria.

If you want to become a member or delegate at Hobsons Bay contact Organiser Cindy at

If you are working in Libraries in any council or library corporation and want to join our Library network contact ASU Library Campaign Organiser Will at

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