ASU members can rest assured we are constructively working with Council in relation to the response to the COVID -19 Pandemic.

Any major decisions should still be subject to the usual consultation frameworks in both the OH&S Act and Enterprise Agreement.

At the moment, ASU is satisfied with the considered response from Moorabool Council, who appear to want the same thing as us, which is to look after their workforce as best they can, and to continue delivering essential services to the community.

Understandable that some workplaces where people naturally congregate have had to be closed, but council is endeavouring to redeploy those employees where possible, rather than stand down and use accrued leave entitlements to be paid, which is a last resort.

ASU delegates met last week to discuss bargaining. Topics ranged from our ability to develop a log of claims, the offer received from Council to roll over the enterprise agreement for a 12 months period, and Coronavirus restrictions on holding meetings and bargaining.

ASU delegates had planned to hold members meetings last week, where the development of a log would have been commenced. But the directions around social distancing meant we couldn’t follow through. If meetings are required in the future, we’ll do them with smaller work units, and via telephone or video conference. Delegates will liaise directly with work units through-out bargaining.

Council has made an offer. The proposed agreement would involve no change to existing terms and conditions, would expire June 30, 2021, and involve a pay increase of 2% or $29

Allowances would increase in line with CPI.

Options available to members
The ASU wants members’ feedback, and in the absence of members meeting to conduct a vote, a survey has been created to present the options and get the views of members.

  • Option 1 – Accept the offer from management.
  • Option 2 – Defer or postpone negotiations until after the coronavirus pandemic has passed.
  • Option 3 – Try to forge ahead with bargaining, develop a log of claims via surveys and virtual meetings, and bargain with the employer.

The Unions response to the Council regarding a response to the offer will be based on Majority, and there will be only one survey per member.

Please ensure you fill in all your details, the survey is quite short but does require any submissions for inclusion in the log of claims, so have a bit of a think about what you might want changed in the EA, before taking the survey.

When considering submissions, ask yourself;

  • Have you had trouble accessing a term or condition of employment, like leave, or an allowance, how would a change to the agreement address this.
  • Are you aware of conditions in Agreements elsewhere, that may be better, and would like to see in your EA.
  • Is your agreement silent on a matter that’s important to you, (a clause around how the council will deal with Stand Downs is relevant in these current COVID-19 circumstances)


If you are aware of someone who cannot access the survey, please advise your local delegate to discuss how to vote, and submissions for a log of claims.

Voting closes Wednesday 8 April.

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates or:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt |

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