Yesterday, the ASU held a Moorabool Bacchus Marsh Depot meeting to discuss the next steps in the Enterprise agreement process.

Moorabool Council recently put a 2% offer on the table then took it back. Members were outraged and wanted to know what the ASU was going to do next.

The ASU has developed a log of claims and served that on your employer.

We informed members at this meeting that we will be going back to the negotiating table with management next week and we will report back after this meeting.

The ASU also discussed the benefits of being in a Union, the impacts COVID-19 is having on the town of Bacchus Marsh and why consulting with Delegates and HSR’s is important.

The ASU will be arranging further meetings (in line with current restrictions) in the coming weeks to discuss Enterprise Agreement updates with all members.

As always, the ASU is by your side.

For any further information please contact: Your ASU delegate or
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |

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