The ASU met with management today regarding pressure on parking officers to bring in more revenue. We raised concerns that individual parking officers are questioned about daily infringement numbers and why they aren’t booking more.

Management strongly denied quotas are being introduced. However, they acknowledged the Department’s revenue target, they expect each parking officer will contribute to, and they would be ‘monitoring performance’.

We raised that revenue isn’t the sole measure of a Parking Officers job or worth to Council. You perform a range of public service functions. It is unreasonable to just judge performance against revenue.

We also raised that officers issue different numbers of infringement depending on weather, area they’re working in, and factors such as age.

Management committed that individuals will not be disciplined for low infringements numbers. They acknowledged that ‘quotas’ or infringement targets don’t form part of Parking Officers Position Descriptions and there are no individual work plans prescribing targets.

However, they said they would take disciplinary action for consistently poor performance.

What does this mean for your daily work?

  • An employer cannot direct you to work in an unsafe manner. If, for example, the weather is dangerous or you have a disability, take your time and don’t put yourself at risk by rushing. The employer can’t discipline you for low numbers because you were ensuring your work was done safely or because it takes you a bit longer to work from one car to the next.
  • Management confirmed today that you don’t have an individual infringement target. It isn’t part of your Position Description and you don’t have an individual work plan. You don’t have to explain why you didn’t achieve a certain number of infringements – you booked the cars you saw had committed an infringement.
  • Management is clearly feeling under pressure to deliver on their Department revenue targets. If you feel they are unreasonably pressuring you, please speak to your ASU delegate.

Occupational Health and Safety
We didn’t get to discuss everything today. Your ASU Delegate Maree Robertson, provided a list of further questions about the new sensor initiatives and prospect of a 7-day roster, we’ve asked for a written response.

COVID response
The ASU raised concerns Parking Officers are being asked to continue to issue infringements through the 7-day lockdown, a different approach than last year.

Management responded that infringements needed to continue to be issued to ensure ‘parking equity’ because that’s what traders expect. It’s disappointing that Parking Officers are required to continue to work on the frontline through this lockdown.

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