We recently asked ASU members if you required the transmission of business clause to be reverted to the previous version before you’d agree to the proposed pay increase, and resoundingly (93%) the response was YES.

We advised management that we did not agree with the proposal because it did not meet the expectations of ASU members.

In response, management refused to revert the clause but have proposed more changes to try and reach an agreement with us. You can read a full copy of the new proposal here.

The proposal is:

  • 1.15% or $21pw pay increase from December 2020
  • Postpone bargaining until early next year
  • Unions won’t undertake industrial action before July 2021
  • MVCC does not expect any contracting out between now and July 2021
  • If MVCC seek to contract out any services in that time, the agreement for Unions not to take industrial action will be revoked

The ASU does not support the current clause regarding transfer of business, so we see contracting out as a bargaining issue. If the proposal is agreed, the ASU would intend to oppose any contracting out of services with our full industrial strength.

If we reject this proposal, we would proceed without an MoU and be in a similar position anyway, so we believe it’s time to accept the proposal, remain vigilant against contracting out, and immediately begin working on getting rid of that awful clause from your agreement for good!

The choice is yours.

Let us know by replying to the SMS whether you ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the latest proposal and as always, we will act on the wishes of the hundreds of ASU members across MVCC.

Not comfortable with technology or prefer to discuss this in person? ASU Organiser Luke Cherry will be coming out to speak with members on Wednesday 25 November at the MVCC Depot (6:00am & 7:00am) in an outside area.

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