It’s been a huge week at Moonee Valley with a new structure being released earlier this week. A reminder that if you are having any issues or need advice, you can always contact your union.

Enterprise Agreement
Your Agreement expired on 30 June, which would usually trigger renegotiation. Due to restrictions, management and the relevant unions have been discussing delaying renegotiation until next year in exchange for a pay increase.

The current pay offer stands at an extra $21 per week, or 1.15%, whichever is higher.  

One of the biggest concerns that have been raised at Moonee Valley Council is the current Transmission of Business clause, this impacts any worker who has their role outsourced.

This clause is currently worded so that if your work was outsourced and you were offered a job at the external contractor, you would not be eligible for a redundancy payment.

This was changed during the last round of bargaining after management circulated information stating that there would be no material changes made to this clause.

Your delegates have serious concerns about delaying bargaining without getting this clause reverted back to its previous wording.

It’s now up to you to tell us what you want. Over the rest of the week, we will be texting all members at Moonee Valley to poll you on this clause. You can read more about this process here.

Member Meeting
An ASU member meeting will be held to report back the results of our member poll, and management’s response. This may be the most important member meeting we hold all year.

DATE: Thursday 29 October
TIME: 9am

Without a strong, active membership, we cannot win better conditions at Moonee Valley. Contact everyone you know to make sure they are an ASU member.

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