The ASU Negotiating Team met with management last Thursday for a further meeting regarding a new enterprise agreement. The parties have started discussing the various claims in more detail and understanding each other positions. No decisions were made about any of the claims.

Concurrently with bargaining, the ASU is also raising the issue of the inadequate funding allocated to pay increases with Councillors. As you will be aware, Moonee Valley City Council is undertaking a public consultation process for its draft budget 2021/22.

The ASU made a formal submission as part of the public consultation process. You can find the ASU Submission here.

The ASU presented at the Council’s public hearing last Thursday. You can watch our presentation as part of the recording of the hearing here (the ASU presentation is at 49:40)

Where to next?
Councillors will be reflecting on the public hearing deciding on the budget at the Council meeting next week. The ASU will continue to advocate that the 1.15% wage assumption in the draft budget is unfair and needs to be increased.

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards |

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