The ASU is appalled at Moonee Valley City Council senior management trying to get rid of their most vulnerable and lowest paid staff, with a recommendation set to go to Councillors in November to privatise the school crossing supervisors who work to protect children in the community.

The ASU has been telling Council management that we think this decision beggars belief, that it is misguided and cruel, but they have not listened.

Due to the nature of their work, staff in these roles often don’t have a strong voice to defend themselves from an attack like this.

The ASU is providing that voice.

ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin wrote to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews about this abhorrent proposal, specifically citing what is happening at Moonee Valley City Council.

You can download a copy of this letter here.

We will also be seeking to meet with MVCC CEO Bryan Lancaster ASAP to discuss the impacts of this decision, and with the Councillors at Moonee Valley who will need to decide on whether or not to consign these valuable staff and community members to the scrapheap.

Council managers have even indicated that they won’t be offering redundancies to those staff who lose their jobs if this goes ahead, despite telling staff while they were voting for their last EBA that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. It appears those were just lies to get your vote!

The ASU has also provided a list of questions to Council management on behalf of affected staff, and will support them through what can only be a very challenging and emotional process.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry |

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