The last six months haven’t been easy, and people who have had to work through the pandemic are getting a bit sick of hearing ‘we’re all in this together’. Many of us are struggling, and your ASU delegates want to support members to stay mentally well during lockdown.

Having issues at work? Contact:
your local delegate | ASU Member Contact Centre | ASU Organiser Luke Cherry

Want to stay connected at work? Contact:
your local delegate

Want to hold a member meeting (social or serious)? Contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry

ASU members have access to our online training portal, Career Launchpad
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Boost your Skills: How to Creative Problem Solve | August 27
Work Shouldn’t Hurt: Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace | September 9
Leading Change Management | September 1

Staying mentally and physically well
Members working from home often feel under pressure to work longer hours with fewer breaks, we encourage you to schedule daily breaks into a planner or work calendar. Trades Hall has a great resource on keeping safe while working from home.

If you’re working in the community, your first point of call for safety issues is your HSR. HSRs have the right to stop work if there is an imminent risk to the health and safety of people in the workplace if work continues. HSRs have successfully stopped work due to COVID-19 related concerns in Victoria. Trades Hall has information on all hazards including stress, diseases and bullying.

Remember that you can use sick leave for mental health and stress management.

Other Resources
Curious about other strategies for staying mentally well? Your delegates have put together the following resource list:
Wellbeing Victoria
Online board games
Work Station safety

Being union is the original ‘we’re all in this together’. Pass this information on to a colleague who needs it and encourage them to join.

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