MVCC has proposed a 12-month memorandum of understanding (MoU) in place of negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement, and the ASU needs to hear your thoughts before we respond.

Due to current lockdown rules, we need to do this remotely, so the following Zoom meetings have been set up to hear from ASU members:

DATE: Monday 24 August
TIME: 9am – 10am

DATE: Tuesday 25 August
TIME: 3pm – 4pm

DATE: Tuesday 25 August
TIME: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

MEETING LINK (for all meetings):

If you’re unable to attend any meetings contact your ASU Delegate or Organiser to let them know your thoughts or questions you would like to be incorporated into our response.

The proposed MoU includes:

  • Postponing bargaining until late 2021
  • Pay increase of 1.15% from 1 December 2020

ASU Delegates have identified several matters that need to be resolved before this could be agreed to and will continue to seek improvements on behalf of ASU members.

The proposed MoU is between MVCC and each of the registered unions (ASU, AEU, PA & ANMF), so if someone you know isn’t a union member but wants to have a say, let them know they should join today.

The ASU recruitment competition is underway until September, $500 is up for grabs for the member who recruits the most new people.

For further information please contact your ASU Delegate or ASU Organiser Luke Cherry.

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