The ASU Negotiating team met with management again this week regarding the new EA. Negotiations have been productive, and we’re now negotiating detailed clauses.

Here is a quick update on key discussions:

The latest offer is 1.5% but paid a flat rate, to maximise the wage increase for Moonee Valley’s lowest-paid workers. The current management proposal is a $25 flat rate for three years (close to a 2% wage increase for Band 3E/4A). We are discussing pegging the wage rate to the rate cap in years 2 and 3.

Transfer of Business
Management is willing to re-introduce a clause to give workers access to redundancy where their job is outsourced, in specific circumstances. The specific circumstances include where the new employer requires you to travel further, where you have a genuine values conflict with the new employer or where you are over 60, or are over 40 and have 10 years service with Council.

Paid pandemic leave
Management has agreed to introduce leave for workers who cannot work from home and either contract COVID or need to isolate due to exposure.

Heat policy
We are optimistic about getting agreement that members who work outdoors and receive the industry allowance will be able to go home where the temperature reaches 36 degrees. We are still working through the detail of how this would be implemented.

Other wins
We are drafting clauses to reflect the wins we have secured over the last few weeks. These include IVF Leave, additional week of secondary carer leave, $500 Superannuation payment for women Band 4 and below, Superannuation payable on paid parental leave and time restrictions on how long a position can be left vacant and greater regulation of the use of fixed-term employment.

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