The recent victory by ASU members at the MVCC Depot will remain something to remember; stopping a crazy proposal to move the depot outside the municipality to an unsuitable site in Tullamarine Park Rd.

Led by passionate delegate Dominic, with the support of Bruce, Maree, four new depot delegates, and others from across council, around 80 ASU members and several ASU officers attended the council meeting to show Councillors how serious they were. The Councillors listened!

As a result of this action and solidarity of ASU members, the proposal was stopped and an advisory group has been created to ensure staff at the depot are properly consulted around any proposed transition, and that all employee and safety concerns are properly addressed. This will be in place throughout 2019 giving a voice to every ASU member at the depot!

If you have any questions, please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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