Last month there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 among the Moonee Valley City Council staff. The area that the employee was working in has been deep cleaned, and close contacts have been contacted to get tested.

This incident highlighted issues with the Confirmed Case policy, particularly around communication and consultation with delegates. Your delegates are still working to resolve some issues, but, they have been able to secure significant improvements in the Confirmed/Suspected Case policy:

  • Council will now deep clean any area where there is a suspected case of COVID-19.
  • A new digital sign-in system has been developed for the depot.
  • Management has committed to notifying staff by text message in the case of a positive COVID-19 case at the workplace.

We know that most COVID-19 cases are transmitted through workplaces. The work that your ASU delegates are doing is actively preventing clusters from developing at Moonee Valley.

Working from Home Health and Safety
Several members have raised concerns about management not taking health and safety at home seriously.

We understand that risk assessment forms were completed at the beginning of lockdown, but to our knowledge, these have not been followed up.

Concerningly, members with existing injuries are being denied access to necessary home office equipment. If you are not being supported to make your home office safe, please contact your ASU delegate or ASU Organiser Luke Cherry at

Your rights to representation – A reminder
Delegates have told us that members don’t know what to do if management tells them an issue is ‘confidential’.

Please remember, you always have a right to access your union, whether that be a delegate, Organiser, or our member contact centre. Any communication with us is confidential, and we will only ever act with your consent.

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