Shuter Street Occasional Care Centre has been in operation for 30 years and has been undergoing a service review for the last three years.

Submissions have been put forward to Councillors last Tuesday at a Council briefing and will be voted on at a public meeting on Tuesday 11 December 2018.

Council has presented 4 service models:

  • The first two models reduce the operational hours of the service and have implications for staff in loss of hours.
  • The next two models also reduce the operational hours of service and have a significant impact on staffing hours and also means that three positions are no longer required at the service.

Staff are yet to be told if, where and how these hours and roles will be made up.

The ASU has grave concerns regarding these potential changes and the impact they will have on our members’ jobs. The reduction of hours in the service means that our members will be losing pay, thereby not having as much money to spend at a time of year when most people, particularly those with children, have many extra expenses.

It also means that our members will be forced to reduce the standard of service they can provide to the clients who use the Centre. With the reduction of operational hours, many users will not have the same access to the Centre as they did previously and will be inconvenienced as they may have to change the time they drop off/pick up their children, or seek alternative childcare arrangements.

There is also the strong possibility of members losing their jobs through redundancy if positions are cut.

We are inviting all union members to attend the Council meeting next Tuesday 11 December at 6:30pm.  We feel it is very important to try and make an effort to be there as a show of support considering the ramifications of these changes.  Members should meet outside the Council offices at 6pm.

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