Organiser Update (ASU Organiser Luke Cherry)
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry called a meeting for 28 May with senior HR officers and ASU delegates to discuss a list of issues including lack of consultation with ASU / HSR reps, poor treatment of staff and favouritism.

It was a no-holds-barred discussion with your representatives seeking better collaboration to restore a positive working relationship. Since then we have seen improvements in engagement with ASU delegates and officials.

This is even more critical now the Premier has announced lockdowns in certain postcodes, some of which will directly affect MVCC. Stay tuned to updates from ASU and MVCC for information on how that will impact your workplace.

Organiser Update (ASU Organiser Austin Fabry)
We have been holding monthly member meetings via Zoom while sites are shut down and there have been some great discussions so far. The next meeting will be:

DATE: Thursday 9 July
TIME: 9am
MEETING ID: 973 0640 7480

Customer Service (ASU Delegate Simon Davis)
There has been ongoing dialogue between the ASU and management on reopening Customer Service. Management initially proposed a re-opening date of 25 June which was pushed back in part due to positive conversations with the ASU.

The recent announcement has further validated this position and provides Council management with a great example of where engaging with staff and the ASU helps them make the right decision.

Thanks to everyone who supported this stance and kept staff in Customer Service safe at work.

The ASU has been working with MVCC management around transitioning staff safely back to working directly with community members. This is now subject to community lockdowns recommencing and opening hours being impacted.

ASU members in libraries should keep an eye out for ASU state-wide library meetings to help compare their experiences with others across Victoria.

School Crossing Supervisors (ASU Delegate Maree Robertson)
MVCC is in the planning stage to initiate recruitment within the School Crossing Program.

It will take some time, given the Pandemic and number of positions that need to be recruited. To limit the impacts on the program, recruitment commenced during the school holiday period.

Thanks to the continued support of the ASU, Council decided not to outsource the program last year.

Community Strengthening (ASU Delegate Jacquie Arney)
Due to implementing new CMS software, field and office-based staff have experienced significant changes to their roles recently. The ASU has enabled much more effective consultation during this change, with an emphasis on genuine and constructive consultation with union members.

The most recent change was the conversion of 12 positions from temporary to permanent, with new broader PD’s that existing staff can adopt if they choose. The ASU has confirmed existing staff can remain on their existing PD’s.

We also requested the next consultative meeting be brought forward due to the latest Covid-19 outbreaks, which has been agreed to by Council.

For further information please contact: your ASU Delegate
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 |

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