Moonee Valley City Council management has proposed a 3-month ‘pause’ for the EBA bargaining process, given the challenges currently being faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While under normal circumstances this would not be acceptable, we are not in normal times.

This is something a lot of Councils around Victoria are looking at and, fortunately at MVCC, your next pay increase isn’t due until December this year, so we have some time up our sleeve. This means that it will be another 7 months before members are any worse off.

The view of the ASU is that it makes sense to use this time to handle the many other issues the pandemic is raising around Council and, being unable to hold face-to-face meetings with members, makes bargaining at this time next to impossible.

We have told management that at this stage the pause in bargaining makes sense however, as always, we are led by the views of our members. If you feel strongly that bargaining should continue despite the challenges due to COVID-19 speak with your local ASU Delegate or Organisers and let them know what you’d like to see the ASU doing on your behalf.

We’ll keep members updated as things progress and will keep the EBA on the radar so as soon as things change, we can recommence bargaining and continue to advocate for better pay and conditions for all ASU members.

In the meantime, divisional consultative committees are continuing to meet remotely, and the ASU has so far called one extraordinary meeting of the central consultative committee (and will call more as needed) to advocate for the rights of members in the face of the current pandemic.

For further information please contact your local ASU Delegate
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry |
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry |

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