As flagged in the newsletter earlier this week, as part of the negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement at Moonee Valley City Council, management is organising a meeting to discuss the Schedule that covers Child Care workers.

This was due to take place today, but we got feedback from members that it would be better to hold this meeting at 6pm, so members can participate. The ASU has cancelled the management meeting today and we will reschedule to another day where we can all meet at 6pm, so workers can participate.

To prepare for this meeting and get further member feedback about any changes you’d like to see in the Schedule, we will be holding a member meeting next Tuesday via zoom. This is a meeting for members and potential members – not management. We will use this meeting to work out what we want to say at the meeting with management.

DATE: Tuesday 13 July
TIME: 6pm

Looking for volunteers to attend a meeting with management
We don’t currently have a delegate for childcare services. Rhys Bloomfield, an ASU delegate from the Depot has volunteered to be the temporary delegate for childcare but it’s important to also have affected workers at the table for these discussions with management. We are looking for volunteers to come along to the meeting with management. The meeting will be at 6pm on a day TBC and can occur via Zoom or in person.

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If you would like further information please contact: your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards | 0474 333 463

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