The Enterprise Agreement negotiation that was scheduled to take place last week was cancelled due to the COVID outbreak. However, the ASU Negotiating Team did proceed with a briefing from the Chief Financial Officer about the Council’s budget and finances over zoom on Thursday.

The briefing revealed some troubling news. The wage assumption that Moonee Valley Council has budgeted for is just 1.15%.

We had previously understood the wage offer would be in line with rate capping, but it appears it’s even less.

This is despite the fact the budget is in surplus and it appears from the Quarterly Financial Report that there is a $2 million underspend in the employee costs line item. Put simply, this means they saved $2 million this financial year by spending less on staff than they had planned to!

The ASU has submitted a submission to the Council arguing that Councillors need to increase the funding in the budget for the wage increase. You can find a copy of the ASU submission here.

We put a strong case forward that the wage offer is too low at the negotiating table but we need your support on the ground. It is only through our collective strength and action that we will be able to improve the wage offer and get a fair deal in this enterprise agreement.

If you want a better wage offer, get your colleagues to sign up to the Union. They can join up here: ASUjoin – join ASU – Australian Services Union United we bargain, divided we beg!

If you would like further information please contact your ASU Delegate or contact
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards |

We’re stronger when we stand together.

Join the ASU today.

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