The ASU has recently started talks with management about the schedule to the enterprise agreement that covers Community Care workers.

Last week your ASU organiser Zoe Edwards and delegate Shad Fernandez met with management for an initial discussion about the schedule. A further meeting will take place later this week.

The current schedule covering community care workers can be found here at page 51:

At this stage, it does not appear that management is proposing significant change to the schedule. However, this is the opportunity to make improvements to the terms and conditions covering community care workers and raise other issues. For example, the ASU queried the payment of allowances after concerns were raised at our last members meeting that there may have been historical underpayment of some allowances prior to the introduction of the iPad.

Please speak to your delegates Vivianne Vu and Shad Fernandez or contact your ASU organizer Zoe on 0474 333 463 if there are any issues you would like raised.

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