Following on from the recent meetings to discuss the upcoming EBA negotiations, the following meetings will be held for the ASU Bargaining Reps to hear from members in home care and early childhood education (and all associated areas):

DATE: Thursday 5 March
TIME: 9am – 10.30am
VENUE: Hopetoun Early Learning Centre
Note: A second meeting will be held for outside business hours for staff at other centres to attend – We’ll get details out to you soon!

DATE: Thursday 5 March
TIME: 3pm – 4.30pm
VENUE: Burley Griffin Community Centre

This is your chance to have a say in what the ASU will be seeking at the upcoming bargaining process, so it’s important to attend one of these meetings if you can.

If you know someone who you think might be interested and isn’t a member of the ASU invite them along and they can get involved. Only by union members standing together can we achieve the best outcomes for workers everywhere.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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