Moonee Valley’s ten year financial plan has recently been released by Councillors. You can read it here: Item-10.1-Community-Vision-Council-Plan-and-Health-Plan-2021-25-and-Ten-Year-Financial-Plan.pdf (

The Council plan projects employee costs increases of 1.15% until 2025 and increase of 1.5% until 2030. Yet they expect income to increase by 2% over the same period!

The document says “The 2021/22 year includes a 1.15% increase for employee costs that mainly reflects the salary increase for all staff pursuant to the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. The ensuing years, from 2022/23 to 2030/31, reflect annual increases of 1.15% per annum to provide for annual EBA increases.”

These wage increases would see Moonee Valley wages fall below cost of living, as 1.5% is well below future CPI and revenue projections.

The ASU Negotiating Team is fighting for a better wage deal as part of the enterprise agreement negotiations. We won’t be accepting 1.15%!

However, if Council locks in these unfair wage projections for 10 years, then it will be harder to secure fair wage increases in the future.

The Council has invited public submissions on the 10 year financial plan. The ASU will be making a submission as part of the public consultation process. Let us know what you want this submission to say by emailing

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