Priorities Wrong at Monash!

Last Friday, the ASU attempted to have a bargaining dispute dealt with in the Fair Work Commission. However, in a disturbing turn of events, management saw fit to be represented by Matthew Minucci (Legal Counsel/Barrister) and Caroline Callegari (Meerkin & Apel Lawyers) with Tracy Shoshan from ‘Workplace Relations’ of the City of Monash also being in attendance with no-one else from ‘People & Culture’ attending.

It seems clear that rather than deal with wages and conditions for hard-working staff, the City of Monash prefer to waste residents and ratepayers money on lawyers to defend themselves.

The ASU has requested that the ballot of employees be postponed pending a meeting between unions and bargaining representatives to discuss the revised and changed position taken by the City of Monash since the 1st ‘Final Offer’ of 15 August 2019 and the 2nd ‘Final Offer’ of 28 August 2019 (we do wonder how many ‘Final Offers’ the City of Monash have?) and have given management a deadline of 5 PM TODAY to agree to this request.

The City of Monash have their priorities wrong as they would rather pay lawyers big dollars rather than deal with your wages and conditions and would rather offer a flat percentage increase across the board which advantages the highest-paid and disadvantages the lowest-paid.

Special Thanks to the ASU Delegates who attended proceedings in the FWC and witnessed first-hand the back-to-front priorities and please send this e-newsletter to work mates and colleagues ASAP.

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For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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