Thanks to every union member and staff member that voted and particularly to those that supported the ASU’s endeavours to improve your conditions and pay outcome who cast a ‘no vote’.

Last week, employees were advised that the enterprise agreement has been accepted by a majority of employees at the City of Monash. The results of this ballot are as follows:

  • Total Number of Votes: 636
  • Total Number of YES Votes: 338
  • Total Number of NO Votes: 298

That’s right, only forty votes difference out of a total of 1,264 employees.

This result sends a clear message to management that there is a strong undercurrent of dissatisfaction amongst staff at the City of Monash.

Thanks to ASU Delegates Mark Evans, Warren Marsden-Sayce, Lilian O’Connor, Patricia Donehue, Maureen Bryant, Luke Collins and Robert Ridgewell and the many others who played a key role in sharing information and advocating for the interests of employees. ASU membership had a strong and united voice at the negotiation table.

The ASU will be on the front foot to ensure that improved wages and conditions are applied to staff and that various outstanding matters remain on the agenda (i.e. the definition of ‘essential service’ which management cannot answer and the ‘Working in Extreme Weather’ arrangements as summer is on our doorstep and Your Safety is the No. 1 Priority today and every day!). Growing your membership and building an organised workplace will lead to improved conditions, ask a colleague to join today.

Stronger Together: encourage your workmates and colleagues to join the ASU. If you are not a member It’s easy to join the ASU online.

For further information please contact any of the ASU Delegates above or 
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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