ASU delegates and officials attended the Fair Work Commission (FWC) yesterday, after seeking an urgent listing about the voting process proposed by council on your Enterprise Agreement (EA). Our application was also supported by the ANMF.

The ASU is pleased to share that the access period to the EA will now cease as a result of the discussions at FWC. This means we have adequate time to check off the draft circulated for you to vote on, rather than the 48 hours provided previously.

The ASU now has until the 22 December to respond to any issues, please let us know ASAP if you have concerns that any of the content does not reflect discussion to date. This feedback would only cover drafting issues.

Unfortunately, council would not agree to come back to the bargaining table and will not shift on their current offer.

The ASU offered to commit to a tight timetable of further meetings and look at some alternative wording on a number of clauses including: worksite location and annual close down, and an undertaking to seek members’ instructions on pay. This offer was made in good faith, however, was rejected.

Council will restart to access period for the EA vote on 4 January – 15 January 2021.

Voting on the EA will commence 18 January – 21 January.

On the current offer, the ASU still recommend members and staff Vote NO

Want to get the best deal possible in your new EA?
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