As some of you may know Moira Shire has previously agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for an extension of the current EA for 12 months, to expire June 30, 2021.

There was to be no change to the EA, other than a Quantum increase for the 12 months which would be discussed further.

Council have now reneged on the MOU and want to offer you just 1% pay rise and alter your end of band entitlements. This shows no respect for the employees of Moira.

The Moira Shire 2020-21 Budget adopted by Council on Wednesday 24 June 2020 (see below) has identified a 3.3% increase in Wages and salaries.

The ASU does not support this position, and we will meet with your delegates soon to discuss our options. The ASU offer supported by ANMF and PA unions was to be 2% or $30

In the graphs below you will see how Moira employees compare to other councils EA’s. Moira Members have made allowances in the past years to assist council when it was struggling and during the drought.

Our offer is not only reasonable it is also sustainable, and that is thanks to your efforts. At staff meetings held at the depots, the CEO has said: “council has paid off its debt and has 36 million dollars”.

The claims that are now being put out by council do not stack up. The ASU will not accept this and continue to defend your pay and conditions

The ASU will be holding a meeting tomorrow to discuss the ASU Log of Claims

DATE: Wednesday 8 July
TIME: 2pm – 3pm
VENUE: Cobram Depot

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jeff Dingli |

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