All staff should have received a CEO memo about the EA access period (started this week) and vote. The voting period for the EA will be from 9:00am Monday 18 to 5:00pm Wednesday 20 January.  

The unanimous decision at the last ASU members meeting was to VOTE NO to the current offer. Moira staff sacrificed their incomes for community good and to assist Council into a better financial position under the current EA. And what Moira hasn’t said in their communication to staff is that the current offer cuts conditions at Moira SC.

4 Reasons to VOTE NO:

  • Introducing a cap on redundancy of 52 weeks: currently there is no cap, this will make it cheaper for council to make redundancies and cuts conditions.
  • The pay offer is below what is fair. Under EA No 8 workers agreed to accept a low pay increase to help council out. Councillors approved 3.3% increase to wage budget and 2% increase for the CEO. Why should workers accept less?
  • Accumulated Time: to be taken in 6 months, instead of currently the 12 months.
  • Changes to Worksite location Starting points, 24 hours’ notice to change your worksite starting point: needs more discussion, not a rush job.

It is again YOU, the members and staff, that are asked to sacrifice a decent wage increase and your conditions. The position put to Council is fair and reasonable and is also financially sustainable, and remember the CEO got a 2% increase.

Where to from here?

Every vote counts! The EA can only be voted up if a majority of those who place a vote, vote Yes. If you don’t want to see conditions cut VOTE NO to reject this offer from management. This will allow union reps involved in the process to keep bargaining or look at other options to get a fair deal for hard working Moira staff.

The CEO memo states staff should have access to the draft EA, via Moira Council email or hard copy at various sites. It states instructions will be provided via Moira SC email addresses and by post, with details voting by phone or email.

If you do not receive voting instructions by the close of business Tuesday 12 January it’s important to let one of your delegates know or call the ASU Contact Centre 1300 855 570, so we can get this fixed.

Want to get the best deal possible outcome in your new EA?

By encouraging your workmates to join the ASU we will have a stronger voice for workers at Moira. It is easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at

For further info contact your local ASU delegates or week commencing 11 January ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark 0418 424 052 or, or week commencing 18 January ASU Organiser Jeff Dingli 0437 102 489 or

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