VOTE NO!              VOTE NO!              VOTE NO!

Your conditions being attacked


Four Reasons to Vote No!

  1. Reduced Redundancy Payment – to a cap of 52 Weeks

There is no Cap in your current EA, you will be worse off in the draft EA (i.e. not beneficial if you have 15yrs or more service) makes it easier for council to do redundancies.

  1. Quantum & Timing

Moira have offered the following annual increases valid from first full pay period on/after

01/07/2020: 1.6% Or $26, 1.7% Or $27, 1.8% Or $28.

This falls short of the ASU position: 2.5% Or $32 – Yr1, 2.5% Or $34 – Yr2, 2.5% Or $36 – Yr3.

Staff have sacrificed due to flood/fires and rate capping 9.5% over the last 4 years. Recent management / councilors’ pay increases were approved and council’s adopted budget allocation increase of 3.3% for staff costs.

  1. Change to Work Start Locations

Management to give 24-hour notice – management can decide within 24 hour period to ask you to work at another location at their discretion

  1. Accumulated Time

Management wants to reduce the time you can take accumulated time from within 12 months to within 6 months.

Vote No on the 24th December 2020

Moira Shire Council has decided to put the EA out to a vote. In a show of total disrespect to staff, the CEO made that decision to open the voting on Christmas Eve and close on 6 January 2021. This only allows you a short time to vote and during the shutdown. The negotiating team have been given less than 48 hours to read the draft and can not be confident in the process. They are using this tactic to run through an EA that is unanimously rejected. We went to the last negotiation meeting and still had some issues to sort out. Then Moira said we are putting it out to vote and that is it. You, yes you, the staff at Moira are always asked to sacrifice, and you have. It’s time for Moira to deliver for the sacrifices you all made.

We have sought a stop to this process, and have a listing at Fair Work Commission tomorrow afternoon. More updates to come! In meantime please share this newsletter with workers in your area – encourage all ASU members and non-members to Vote NO!

For further information please contact
ASU Organser Jeff Dingli | 0437 102 489 |

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