ASU Members met on 5th August to discuss managements proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA). Management has suspended the vote to negotiate with the ASU on behalf of our members.

Management’s proposed agreement will significantly cut pay and conditions.

Travel between jobs

Your current enterprise agreement provides that you are paid for travel as follows:

  • For the first rostered client – paid for any travel time after the first 15km
  • Between clients – paid for up to an hour after the first 9km
  • Between the last rostered client and the employees home – up to 15 minutes after the first 10kms

We understand that the intention from management is that you will not be paid for any travel time before, between or after jobs. This will result in significant cuts to many employees take home pay and it may also mean that you could be sent to jobs that are further away as they will no longer have to pay you extra to travel.

We will provide a full list of proposed changes shortly.

All employees covered by the EA get to vote on the EA. MHA Care can only bring in these reductions to pay and conditions if you let them.

We are having a meeting on Zoom to talk about how we can stop these unfair changes. All MHA Care staff who are covered by the EA are invited to come to the meeting. Please forward this to your workmates and ask them to come along:

Date: Thursday 12 August
Time; 6:15pm
Meeting link:

If you have any queries please contact
ASU Deputy Branch Secretary Michelle Jackson | | 0418 539 054

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