In our continuing fight to protect your workplace rights and conditions, the ASU wants to set the record straight about how terminating your enterprise agreement will impact you and your colleagues.

First and most importantly, Mind claims current staff’s conditions will not be affected but has not detailed how they will ensure this. Mind has made some vague assurances that current staff will be provided with a letter enshrining their terms and conditions. This is not good enough and it is important for staff to be aware that a simple letter is significantly less enforceable than a certified enterprise agreement.

Currently, if you have an issue with a condition under the enterprise agreement, you can take the matter to the Fair Work Commission to resolve. Without a certified enterprise agreement, the Fair Work Commission is not able to hear a matter.

A letter from your employer is not enforceable outside the federal court system.

Mind also claims that the reason for terminating the enterprise agreement is because it creates more work for management and uncertainty for you. Both of these issues could be resolved if Mind agreed to negotiate a new enterprise agreement.

The ASU questions the motivation and logic behind terminating the current enterprise agreement, only to potentially renegotiate next financial year. The ASU calls on Mind to reconsider making such a rash decision and commence discussions to bargain for a new enterprise agreement.

If you know a colleague who is not a member of the ASU, please ask them to join now so we can send a clear message to Mind that staff want to preserve the current entitlements you rightly deserve!  It’s easy for anyone to join online at

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla on

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