The ASU has been advised MIND is proposing major change within the SIL workforce. MIND has provided this change impact statement which outlines the proposed changes.

The ASU has the following concerns about the proposed changes:

  1. Current staff will retain current classifications, but new staff will commence on a lower classification. This will ensure MIND pays one of the lowest classifications for similar roles across the sector.
  2. Current staff who seek to move to a casual/part-time position may be paid at a lower classification.
  3. Additional workload allocations for existing staff who already report being at capacity
  4. MIND is not genuinely consulting as required, they are already advertising for newly created positions whilst still seeking feedback from staff

The ASU is working with delegates and impacted members to schedule an urgent meeting to discuss the changes.

We will notify members of the details shortly and encourage each of you to come along and bring other concerned staff in your team to find out how they can get involved and be the change they want to see!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Steen | 0476 550 233 |

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