Your ASU representatives have been advised that MIND is in the process of some major changes.

Disappointingly the ASU was not told about these by MIND management. Instead, they were brought to the union’s attention when an email went out advising that change will start as early as 1 June, despite not having consulted with affected staff or their union.

We know this will potentially create several concerns for union members, but we want to hear from you on what those are.

The relocation of the Greensborough and Customer Service Centre members in Heidelberg to the Mount Street office will see an issue of there not being enough office space to accommodate extra staff. MIND will be encouraging those interested to discuss working from home arrangements and will also be looking at a hot desk arrangement in many cases.

In line with the consultation provisions of your Agreement, the ASU will now be representing impacted members. Your new ASU delegate Leonie Davey (based at Mount Street), is also involved in the consultation meetings.

In addition to the above we know the following sites will either close, have a reduction in staff or their location:

  • Morwell – 6 redundancies and the remaining staff will no longer be office based
  • Mooroopna – closing but no redundancies, staff will no longer be office based
  • Wodonga – closing but no redundancies, staff will no longer be office based
  • Dandenong office – to remain open, but there will be 1 redundancy

All this comes on the back of several PARC contracts recently being lost to another organisation, though hopefully affected staff will be redeployed.

These changes have a huge impact on members and again, we need to hear from you so we can discuss your concerns with management in the upcoming consultation meetings.

Please make every effort to ensure your voice is heard and provide your feedback by Friday 8 May 2020. Your ASU Delegate, Leonie Davey, will be gathering feedback on members’ behalf and we will formulate a feedback document to send to management. Alternatively, you can contact ASU Organiser, Joanne McEvoy, via email

If you know of anyone who is not yet a member, speak to them now and encourage them to join and stand together to have these issues heard! Joining is quick and easy and can be done online here

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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