In November 2019 ASU members endorsed the draft EBA to allow MRCC to pay the first of three 2% pa wage increases and the $1,000 End of Band Payment (pro-rata for part-time workers).

Since then the ASU has successfully negotiated the outstanding matters:

  1. Position Descriptions: this clause will remain as is, and is worded to ensure there is no interference from without the work area in assessing PD’s (as has been the case recently), discussions will be between the employee & their supervisor;
  2. Home & Community Care: improved On-Call rate for Team Leaders; minimum payment 2 hours per day for Carers; 5-hour availability per rostered day for Carers; travel time not counted in calculating Stand Alone Job time; Staff/union meetings to be agreed, (staff can choose which paid time meeting they want to attend.) Note: this was under threat from some areas of management.
  3. Information Services: members have been successful in formalising a voluntary Availability Roster with an appropriate allowance, including extra payments for Public Holiday times, motor vehicle usage allowance & payment of vehicle insurance excess in the case of work-related damage. Note: this is a great result, achieved by union members holding firm in the face of bullying and threats to reduce their pay.

The EBA will now be put to all staff for a vote (a legal requirement).

Thank you to ALL union members who stood fast & made sure we got a great outcome.

As always the ASU is by your side.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Danny Harris |

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