Enterprise Bargaining
As members are aware, a vote was taken to accept a 2% pa wage increase to ensure staff received this payment in November. This was done in good faith and under the proviso that other outstanding matters be resolved before the EA went to a vote.

This has not happened.

We have reached an impasse on several matters including, but not limited to, specific working conditions for IT staff, which has resulted in the ASU referring the matter to FWC for assistance. This is due to a Management representative using underhanded tactics (which included not taking requests back to Senior Management for responses) in an attempt to circumvent the process.

Members refuse to back down & have strengthened their resolve to achieve a fair & reasonable outcome. We hope all members will support them in their claim for a fair deal, which includes payment of a reasonable On Call Allowance.

Other matters which ASU will insist are included in the final agreed EBA document are:

  1. Changing the payment dates & expiry date of the Agreement so they align sensibly & fairly;
  2. Including agreed HACC Rostering Guidelines in EBA document;
  3. Retaining current EBA clause 8.4 “Position Descriptions” as it is to ensure that members are able to negotiate Position Description changes with their Manager without outside interference;
  4. Retaining current EBA Appendix 4 “Specific Working Arrangements Home and Community Care” clause 23.11 “Staff/Union Meetings” as it is so to enable HACC members to attend union meetings on paid time.

If these reasonable requests aren’t met, we will be asking ASU Members, and staff in general, not to support the EA.

Workplace Bullying
ASU is extremely concerned by the number of complaints by members of bullying by certain Management representatives. ASU has met with CEO Sarah Philpott to advise her of these shocking claims and, with these members’ consent, has provided details.

The ASU expects & demands that its members, and all staff for that matter, have access to a safe & respectful workplace and is monitoring the situation closely to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

IMPORTANT: If you have been bullied please make notes of the incident, notify your ASU delegate or union office (1300 855 570) & lodge an incident report immediately.

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